Worship at Golden Ridge


The Gathering and The Word

Life can be hard, challenging, overwhelming... In the busyness of day-to-day, we gather once a week in a sacred space to share in the liturgy of song, prayer, God's word, and the sacraments of Baptism and Communion. 

The word "liturgy" literally means "the work of God in and through the people". Thus, the liturgy of worship is the work of God in and through all of us as we come together for the Gathering, Word, Water, Meal, and Sending. 


The Water and The Meal

We are washed with water in baptism and nourished in the meal of bread and wine in communion. 

We begin each gathering with a time of shared confession and forgiveness, as a reminder of our daily baptism and God's big love for all of us. We love to celebrate baptisms, too! Contact us for more info to schedule a baptism. 

The Communion Meal is central to our faith life. We are reminded of God's presence in the bread, wine, and juice - every day elements we can smell, taste, and touch. Gluten free wafers are also available. This table is open to everyone and we celebrate Holy Communion at every worship service.  


The Sending

Then we are sent out beyond the walls - to live our lives as God's beautifully diverse and uniquely created people. Sometimes, we love well. And sometimes, we fail or are failed by others. We try to do our best, and then we come together again, remembering that we are loved and forgiven, and that we are never alone. 

This is our pattern of life, and we walk through it together.  

Worship Times

June 2 - Sunday Morning Worship with Holy Communion, 9 AM

June 9 - Worship at Synod Assembly, 11:30 AM 

June 16 - Final Worship as Golden Ridge Lutheran Church 

No upcoming events.