What's Happening at Golden Ridge for Children & Families?

Children are full participants


Children are fully children of God as they are, and are thus included fully in the life of our congregation. They can worship and help, as they like - just like grown-ups! 

We welcome children to help in welcoming, reading, serving communion, etc., or to simply participate in worship. Let us know if there's a particular way you or your child would like to be involved.  

A Place for You: Learning about Holy Communion


Children learn best through play and participation. We do not have a regular weekly Sunday School, but we do find lots of ways to engage our children in ways that matter. 

We have two gatherings to learn about Holy Communion for children of all ages and their families on Wednesdays during Lent (in March). Through stories about Jesus and adventures like painting our own chalices, come and discover that there is always a place for YOU at God's table! Any questions about children and communion, please email: pastorjess1517@gmail.com

Children and Communion


God's Table is open to all, and this includes children. We welcome children to participate in and receive communion at any age. Children have a deep sense of what this meal is all about, and we welcome their eager outstretched hands to receive this gift of grace. 

We serve wafers or bread and have both juice and wine available. 

A Holy Communion Milestone will be offered during Lent, as a chance for children and adults to learn more about God's holy meal. 

Exploring Sacred Stories


We gift bibles to children in November - storybibles to our youngers and NRSV bibles to our olders. We encourage children and families to read their bibles every night, as well as bring their bibles Sunday mornings, look up stories to read along, highlight parts they like, add question marks to parts they wonder about. 

As a particular way to engage and empower our young people, they will be reading our Second Readings in worship throughout September, which are parts of the letter of James

We hope to cultivate a lifelong curiosity about God's Word. 

If you'd like a bible for your child, please let us know!